Enables Digital
Manages Digital
Business Relationships
Facilitates Safe and Secure
Information Exchange
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Information Security &
Privacy Protection

Safe and Secure Digitization for Everyone

DigiCoffer platform helps Businesses, Professional Firms and Individuals to move from physical to digital world securely. DigiCoffer provides following capabilities:

✥ Secure storing, searching and retrieval of documents and personal data

✥ Manage Digital Business and professional relationships

✥ Relationship based sharing

✥ Secure mobile communication within the relationship context

✥ Regulatory compliance (ex: privacy laws)

DigiCoffer Products

Three unique but interconnected products for individual consumers, businesses and professional firms. Business and Professional relationships provide the foundation for information exchange and communication between the users of the three products

DigiCoffer Personal

Designed to protect the privacy and digital assets of individuals. Helps in organizing and securing documents and data. Individuals will have complete control of sharing their data and documents through digital relationships with Businesses and Professionals. In addition the product supports multi-country affiliations (dual citizenship,permanent residency etc.)

Free App for Individuals

DigiCoffer Professional

Enables efficient management of practice documents and client relationships on a single platform. Gives complete access control over all the firm data. Professionals can invite other Businesses and Professionals to the platform to collaborate and exchange information

App for Existing Customers

DigiCoffer Business

Manages all the B2B and B2C relationships along with document management and document sharing functionality. The Business platform can also be used for product management, effective marketing with full regulatory compliance including privacy protection.

App for Existing Customers

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